from the Divine Triangle to the Great Pyramid

Everything elaborated on the previous page can only lead back to the last, or rather the first, piece of this mosaic: validate the squaring of the circle, made impossible by our mathematics, even if implemented in three­-di­men­sion­al reality by the builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza – from which all this re­search of mine began.
It is the first and most solemn implication of the qualities of the Divine Triangle to unify the two figures of circle and square at the same perimeter, lending to the circle its vertex, around which everything rotates, i.e. its height as radius , and the square to its base, so the perimeter of the square divided by the diameter of the circle will reveal the mysterious π.
Since the circle will be traced prop­er­ly with the cen­ter at the ver­tex of the py­ram­i­dal tri­an­gle, and the square at its base, I also il­lus­trate the di­rect com­par­i­son by su­per­im­pos­ing the two fig­ures, both ob­vi­ous­ly with cen­ters at the ver­tex, ob­tain­ing a di­a­gram that shows the ex­act in­ter­sec­tions of the two circles (at the vertex and circumscribed to the triangle) with also the sides of the triangle and the base of the square, which brings to mind points of precise correspondence and implicit and necessary harmony for a unique result.

A vertex that is identified here [+] with the π as the Gravitational Principle, which immediately converts the square base of a pyramid of height Φ into a circle when one of its basic side is equivalent to the golden ratio of the sum of the two oblique sides.

Beyond the most disparate theories and research, even sci­en­tif­ically in­volved, to fa­mil­iar­ize our­selves in a sim­plis­tic way with the re­al­ization of the squar­ing of the cir­cle in­structed in the pyr­a­mid, we re­duce the a­nal­y­sis to two fac­tors, ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal. In practice, the energy seems to move vertically both upwards and downwards, while the matter is ar­ranged and oriented to the four cardinal points, a sine qua non for a certain process to take place.
The geometric skeleton of the whole is easy to identify.
At this point I should also reconnect to that theme which in my opinion is fundamental, even if it may appear bizarre to scholars, which is the for­mu­la of the re­nowned "5 Tibetan Rites" (which Tibetans are not), taking up what has been said at page 34 of my essay, which in turn referred to the treatise from which it arose, and at times this research is recomposed.
To tell the truth, there is not much to add, but the main connection in this phase consists in identifying the orientation of the GP to the four cardinal points, which everyone mentions, and with them also and above all to the four El­e­ments: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, as if to say 'from North to South and from East to West'.
They are on the earth, therefore on the symbolically horizontal plane, the base of the GP, where the fifth Element or Quintessence or Ether is re­presented properly in its height, i.e. by the Vertex, which with its function of combining, coordinating and integrating the four corners at base, generates virtually and also practically, as in the execution of the 5 Rites, a Vortex.
When the vortex is implemented, a transition of state takes place in the matter contained in the pyramidal structure, and of rebalancing through four chakras from the bottom of the practitioners' spinal column, which is per­vad­ed with vital energy, at higher level frequencies, reducing the pro­cess of aging and degradation of organic functions. Millions of people have experienced and witnessed it since 1939. Strengthening this concept was the initial thrust of my treatise which revealed its roots.

Great Pyramid - structure
of the quadrature of the circle
To represent all this, the car­di­nal cross is suf­fi­cient, con­tained and ex­pressed by the earth­ly ho­ri­zon of the square (the cross whose arms are e­quiv­a­lent to 2 sides) and from its cen­ter the height whose ce­les­ti­al ho­ri­zon is that of the pyr­a­mid (top of the Great Tri­an­gle ).
By di­vid­ing the sum of the two arms by this height, or per­haps bet­ter by mul­ti­ply­ing it by 1 ­/ height, we ob­tain the sa­cred val­ue of 3.14460 of which eve­ry fourth part is the con­stant 7.8615 which, applied to each of the 4 Elements, regulates and maintains the gravitational relationship in the tu­mul­tu­ous motion of the particles, as well as between that of each Element in the interaction with the others.
For the academic world 3.14460 could be π while for the writer it is the actual distribution on the 4 quadrants of the balancing constant.

If we bring the two triangular faces of North and South, Earth and Water, to unite their bases on the East–West axis, and the two triangular faces of East and West: Fire and Air to unite their bases on the North– axis South by separating the two axes for a height equal to that of the GP and joining their ends we will give shape and sub­stance to that tetrahedron made up of the same four faces of the pyramid, thanks to which in the alternation of their basic quad­ru­plic­i­ty their triangular triplicity is recomposed in logical sequence, where each vertex ro­tated by 90° accumulates the zodiacal charges of each Element.

Tetrahedron of the Elements from the 4 faces of the Pyramid
Thus it has been analyzed and de­scribed for many years as the struc­tur­al foun­da­tion of DNA, and which on this oc­ca­sion we see co­or­di­nat­ing even be­fore the 12 Zo­di­ac Signs, the 4 po­ten­ti­alities of the pyr­a­mid each for its own El­e­ment; which is prob­a­bly an es­sen­tial part of what was de­picted on the ex­ter­nal sur­faces of the build­ing, and un­for­tu­nate­ly it was looted.

The representation of this occult im­plant – whereby the squaring of the circle regains its transcendent guise – at the level of elementary geometry it translates more simply into the statement re­ferred to later by Herodotus.
From a perspective that does not see the shapes and sizes of only un­dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed numerical factors, the image seems quite responsive and el­o­quent to me; all the more so as it concerns a physical and ultraphysical reality full of mysteries.
A more than monumental device therefore, returning to the GP, which in­te­grat­ed in an amazing synthesis the qualities of the circle and the square, the vibratory horizon of all frequencies and static matter, the celestial vault and the four directions on earth.
Not only that, but believe it or not, making them interactive in more than one occult way: the ability of the pyramid and any of its scale prototypes to conserve, purify and vitalize, have even been the subject of a patent.
Beyond the most widespread popular and parascientific applications that have occurred with the spread of various experiments, which consider the pyramid as a condenser and energy transmitter - from Nikola Tesla on­wards, as his ancient prototype used as a power plant – up to magnetic res­o­nance imaging of the pyramid as a therapeutic aid, and the recent ones: “is designed in such a way that…”, well, that's the way!
and it is not limited to a geometric curiosity, as far as a scientific paradigm can determine, but of a realization capable of activating energetic in­ter­ac­tions at unknown levels. Even its function as an interstellar cosmic clock ap­pears well-founded and communication with other worlds and di­mensions has been tested within it. What is certain for me is that if it were affected by the errors that are attributed to it regarding the golden cor­re­spond­ences, it would evidently never be able to produce any of the effects de­tected.
And if that's not enough:
In a brilliant piece of reverse engineering based on twenty years of research, Dunn reveals that the Great Pyramid of Giza was actually a large acoustical device!
By its size and dimensions, this crystal edifice created a harmonic resonance with the Earth and converted Earth's vibrational energies to microwave radiation.
The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt – by Christopher Dunn
The extent to which all this is the subject of debate is natural, given the in­ev­i­ta­ble abyss that separates the scientific occult from science itself and even more so from the drawings of blogs. But we are getting closer, and step by step, the evidence of the circle~square transposition becomes more and more significant and responsive.
Only at the final goal will it become a simple container and logo of what is being experimented and discovered: every truth appears complicated... until it is understood.
Nonetheless, the symbolism is present and realized in an undeniably pre­cise and eloquent way, so concentrated and knowledgeable that even today it sur­passes our knowledge and ability to investigate.
It is hardly credible that the builders of an instrument of ultra-planetary scope and capabilities with almost inexplicable construction and ge­o­graph­i­cal lo­ca­tion requirements given their precision, could have erected it to be a tomb, and indulged in errors such as those denounced by modern scholars.
Who base their criticisms on improvised and conflicting measurements, and at best on a canon of π approximated by long vicissitudes and in any case not absolute but only apparently established – since it will never be possible to do so – but for this very reason it is highly publicized.
Classifying it and reducing it to a tomb only exposes the limited horizon of pe­des­tri­an Egyptologists, perched behind a desk.
In truth, the work of building the GP is entirely structured around an em­blem­at­ic figure, the Triangle which contains perfection; although it took thou­sands of years for any of them to return and reveal it…
It is much more credible and plausible than π is completely hidden in the very demonstration of the formula built stone by stone, from the center of a circle towards the four corners of the world.

Nothing could be more effective and representative than translating the prin­ci­ple into a solid construct, in which the vertical power projected up to the sky, and the horizontal embraced the earth, as if to define it with this and other extraordinary peculiarities, which although not of interest this study, carry mes­sages that are decidedly far from making it appear as a construction of pharaonic representation only.

Some researchers even supported the experimentation of models with com­plete­ly empty faces consisting only of the geometric profile of the solid in suitable materials, capable of easily accommodating a physical person, which would validate the value of the mere geometric projection in space­-time reality.

Be the Pyramid
In this regard, it is worth meditating again and intensely on an aspect that is unexpected for many, but which has guided me since the first draft of the treatise on those 5 Rites. Every person who practices these Rites, activating the 4 Elements one after the other for a certain number of times, and finally re­winds them, condensing them standing in the movement of the vortex, he / she is is the pyramid, embodies it with this simple ceremony, which recalls and reflects its potential even more effectively and quickly than an external container.
This is because the forces are already inside, and are vivified from within, directly from one's own etheric zone.
This consideration does not fail to bring to mind Leonardo's famous Vitruvian Man. Even though there is no squaring of the circle or golden ratio in any of Leonardo Da Vinci's works, except in the collective imagination and on the faces of his Mona Lisa which are almost scarred in this regard with in­con­sist­ent golden spirals, the symbolism put into play in that image preludes to a happy intuition: having projected man with arms and legs open at the center of an effective symbolism, as a figuration of the 5 at the top of the archetypes of circle and square, whose meaning no longer escapes anyone, and will be­come even clearer with this study.
Apart from the fact that from a physiological point of view I have in-depth and demonstrated this overall image is an ideographic false, Leonardo Da Vinci can­not be denied an excellent sense of proportions, implicitly also golden, which appear in certain features of the celebrated icon, but nature dictated the rules.

A formula in any case magnificently expressed by the Divine Triangle, and only that, but on the condition that it is recognized as containing the π, in one, in my conception, or 4 times one of its sides. Having learned it from the E­gyp­tian initiates, it was transmitted to us at least by Théophile Moreux.
Herodotus reports that the Egyptian priests had taught him that the proportions established for the Great Pyramid between the base side and the height, were such that the square built on the vertical height exactly equaled the surface area of each of the triangular faces and this is actually what modern measurements have verified.

Thereafter, the perimeter of the circle having the height of the pyramid as its radius is exactly the same as that of the square with the same side [as the pyramid].
Since the length of each circumference is in ratio π with double its radius, knowing this as the height of the GP it would be legitimate to divide the pe­rim­e­ter of the base by its double to obtain the exact measurement of π.
But from whom would the ancient E­gyp­tian initiates have learned this? and their teachers?
The answer can be before our eyes, once we have discovered that Divine Tri­an­gle which condenses the dynamic principle of every manifestation, both mathematical and physical.
Triangle whose two symmetrical sides have the length of the semi­-cir­cum­fer­ence of the circumscribed circle, almost a resound of the celestial vault to the ground.
Dimensionless triangle, whose only ratio is in the ratio between half the base and the height = 0.78615; a which recalls the well-known Kepler's triangle, which however had discovered only a half-truth, purely geometric and devoid of energetic implications. In fact, this figure is only one of the wings of a ma­jes­tic theater, orchestrated by a superior Project.
After all, every possible connection with the π is precluded since the π acts sole­ly from the center of a circular formation, like the law of gravity.
And outside as we know, it is reduced to an enigma rich only in decimals, as if each added one increased its credibility.
Kepler well defined the two treasures of geometry: the Golden Section and the Pythagorean Theorem, but he was unable to go back to the ineffable π since he did not have the third treasure, which I was able to reveal only in 2003. .

In summary
the Supreme Triangle reserves for us the genuine π, both by calculation and as a direct measurement in the most immediate way:
  • Inscribed in a circle of radius = 1, as illustrated in the figure above, its height is Φ and its side Φ: 0.78615 = ¼π, which is also ¼ of the cir­cum­fer­ence.
  • if its base = 2, half the base defines the right triangle with height φ [1,27201] and its side is obviously φ.
    Here too 1÷1,27201 = 0,78615.

Two topics stand out to which the esoteric meaning of the scheme can be referred. The vertical sense, which directs thought towards the celestial vault, but contains in the circular potential everything that expands and is distributed in equilibrium from a single center: the top of the pyramid.
Every wave phenomenon derives from it and is connected to it.
The horizontal direction, on the other hand, is reserved for earthly and ter­res­tri­al matter in the case of the Giza GP; it is its ideally square base, o­ri­en­ted less than 3' to the current four cardinal points.

And here is the transposition from the metaphysical to the physical – circle ~ square – takes the form of complete obedience to π which guarantees their correspondence, both vibratory and spatial.

The issue of its recognition would undoubtedly have arisen in the modern world from the practical difficulty of establishing the exact and congruent meas­ure­ments of the monument, if the preclusive calculation of the modern π.
The key to its resolution was already contained in the architecture itself, but would only appear with the recognition of that Divine Triangle which syn­ergizes the figures of square and circle, intermediating Heaven and Earth in a unique and irrefutable conformation-demonstration.
Even though researchers and Egyptologists would have debated it in vain for centuries, not without admiration for the area that remained in the shad­ows, but admitting at most that the ancient planners had arrived very close to cer­tain ideal measurements (whereas the current π, although subject to dif­fer­ent bills, would be exact!).
The truth is that we are the ones who have not yet grasped its complete mastery.
The contradiction of precluding the geometric tracking of the π why it is a tran­scen­dent number is in itself obvious if we just consider that Φ it is e­qual­ly so, yet it can be handled in a multitude of ways. It is its formulation credited to be geometrically impractical, which in turn should indicate that it is compromised.
Nevertheless it is the slogan of the century.
It should be kept in mind that without the true π, guaranteed solely by the total and superior perfection of that Triangle, no more or less adapted pyr­a­mid cal­cu­la­tion will ever truly correspond to the applied theorem, al­though it may be contested due to the uncertainty of the measures a­dopted.
Although it is all too easy to vary and readjust measurements of a mon­u­ment of such size, which is today incomplete and aged for millennia, until π 3.14460 will not be recognized and applied, everything else will just be an improvised simulation.

In essence, even when the 'design' of the builders could appear clear and un­e­quiv­o­cal, in my opinion it will always be strictly necessary to refer to the GP through the pattern of the Great Triangle, as the only ideal and resolving scheme of every research, both physical and metaphysical, to what this pyr­a­mid was called to constitute.

On the next page I will try to bring some order to the current state of this assumption, comparing some among the most reliable sources for com­ments and measurements, demonstrating that from the most con­gru­ent we obtain a value of π very close to 3.14460 and at the most ques­tion­a­ble one generally higher than 3.1420.
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