At work finished, I guess I could summarize what matters in a sentence of three paragraphs in total. If I had to rewrite it now, it would be very dif­fer­ent; but disclosing it requires new commitment, time flies and we might as well leave a rough path in sight, not without redundancies and overlapping of thoughts, but with some extension, if only to attest that in its trans­par­en­cy also others could have followed it for a long time. Either way, it is ded­i­cat­ed to all those who do not give up on seeking organic truths, not just to academics; as I said before, ruler and compass.
With the hope that it will make it easier to understand.

In this regard, some complementary, possibly integrative for someone, reflections are syn­cretic.
There is no esoteric culture in every corner of the earth that does not turn to the 4 cardinal points in its ceremonial rituals, propitiatory or in any case constructive, even therapeutic, experienced with sure evidence even firsthand.
I documented its meaning in my treatise on "5 Tibetan Rites", quoted above and readable for free online which contains, since 18 years as I mentioned, the foun­dations of this discovery; while the teachings transmitted by that booklet cited at the end of the paragraph have guaranteed, by an analogue natural prin­ci­ple, health and well-being beyond the average to millions of people in the world for 102 years; and incessantly they continue for their surprising effectiveness, for which different schools invent their authorship.

How this can occur and relate to our context is soon said, being the synthesis of what I have tried to make known and understandable ever since: those Rites con­sist of four executions of ground movements, or projections..., analogically ad­dressed to the four elements and related seasonal phases.
They interact with the respective vital centers of the body, known as chakras; but what is most rel­e­vant is that they are governed, in my in-depth and practiced a­nal­y­sis for years with excellent results (if that's enough, I have made this publication with all the illustrative facilities alone, three months after turning 78) from a fifth Rite (said first in the original) to be performed standing with arms outstretched, hor­i­zon­tal with the shoulders, which consists of a spin around own axis, called vortex, which can be immediately traced back to the vibrant expression of the spiral (or vice versa).
This vortex, now I would like to affirm it, we could elect it as an expression of the π! so here is a quite intriguing implication under the epistemological profile.

The 'Colonel Bradford' [first actor of the narrative] in his statement explicitly men­tions, I would say with high-sounding expressions, a certain occult apparatus that is being prepared, to which he provides the access keys thanks to his now famous sto­ry (translated into 18 languages), with sympathetic elegance and humility; not devoid of fervor:

«This plane, from which they assist mankind in all quarters of the globe,
is high enough above the vibrations of the world to be a powerful focal point
where much can be accomplished with little loss of effort.

Some day the world will awaken in amazement to what the unseen forces
– the Forces of Good – have been doing for the masses.
We who take ourselves in hand and make new creatures of ourselves
in every imaginable way, each is doing a marvelous work for mankind everywhere.»

« (“Il Segreto dei 5 Riti Tibetani” – Cap. 3, pag. 30)
from «THE EYE  OF RE­VE­LA­TION» – © 1939 by Peter Kelder

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