And that this primary factor of universal reality should remain disconnected from the other treasures, which geometry has bestowed on us from the be­gin­ning, to be relegated to abstruse and discontinuous approaches? its solution, finally open, is: “The square root of equilibrium”.
In a line there is no e­qui­lib­ri­um, in the circle everything is; and in it is com­posed and opposed that quad­rat­ic ‘gearing’ which I am about to reassert, of which our current π is just a mul­ti­ple.
A constant that would regulate inter alia the gravitational balance between particles:
4. The Effect of Direction of Particles
There exist some differences between particles receding and those approaching each other. At extremely high relativistic speeds, objects approaching each other have a repelling effect. When objects approaching each other are at 0.78615 c, their inertia equals to their gravitational affect.
For particles approaching each other at still faster speeds, the gravitational effect will have a negative repelling gravitational effect. …
Well, this work can give response and testimony of it; to those who want to wel­come it.
The circle represents perfection. To the point of making me even doubt that in our world any perfectly circular structure exists !
The π humanly estabished, in comparison it is only its imperfect and transitory arrangement, an almost conquest; and perhaps this one in the dictates of the IN­TENT is the occasion to redeem it, having approximation enough to recognize it; as well as to enrich the Pi Day with a renewed enthusiasm, without having to give up, indeed enhancing the festive anniversary of March 14th!

The ‘bad’ news at this point of knowledge would suggest unexpectedly that we may no longer need the π – were it not because it's now a member of the fam­i­ly and of the notations in use – being nothing more than a wildcard, a win­ged re­flec­tion of the same Divine Proportion that Plato at the peak of inspiration related to the Soul of the World as the key to the physics of the cos­mos; that is the Creative Consciousness or CHRIST Consciousness (religions aside), which led to this dis­cov­ery, or if you prefer, revelation (I mean re­ceived).
A truth that will not fail to be quickly revalued, well or badly enunciated as it is, from celestial mechanics to terrestrial mechanics and all the other disciplines that are most involved and responsible.
That if we wanted to tacitly ignore it at first glance, such a position (not new in his­to­ry) would rest only on such a slight approximation of 3.14 as to keep its use almost unchanged, including defect (better to re-approximate 6.28 to 6.29); but to whatever reason it was connected it will not be able to hold out for long, since per­spi­cu­i­ty will make its way as time matures and with the inevitable cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in the most committed and demanding sectors of use.

A position which I had already experienced as far back as 2009, facing the o­pin­ion of an expert operator, here again, of Wikipedia, who refused the pres­en­ta­tion and al­ge­bra­ic dem­on­stra­tion of the first properties of the same golden triangle, contesting it with the written declaration that: "The self­-ev­i­dence of mathematics has been over for twenty centuries now"
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