he Great Golden Triangle

I discovered, analyzed and described it since my first research for the drafting of the treatise “The secret of the 5 Tibetan Rites” in 2003, subsequently en­riched by other studies on the Golden Section which together led to the first complete and exact geometric construction of the Śrī Chakra yantra in the known history, ex­e­cut­a­ble via software without limits of numerical decimal precision.

It deals with the symbol of 'sacred geometry' that is most in keeping with the esoteric scheme of an organic arrangement of the Cosmic Order, the most dif­fi­cult and complex diagram that can be conceived, which I will present in some more detail below.

This being as well a figure who has kept the minds and efforts of many re­search­ers and math­e­ma­ti­cians in check from the very beginning, I thought I had fi­na­lized my resources; nevertheless an unexpected will stimulated me towards the il­lu­mi­nat­ing definition of the Cos­mic Egg in a golden key, a du­ti­ful rec­ti­fi­ca­tion of the traditional one, as trans­mit­ted from the an­cient East, in which as by chance I came a­cross some ar­ti­cles that at­trib­ute it to the Ve­das, al­though not fail to rely on a ref­er­ence to the so­-called "Egyptian Tri­an­gle".
But even in this case I would soon re­al­ize that it was a matter of soliciting to a more accentuated awakening, and here are the reasons for it.

The extraordinary golden triangle presented from the very first steps nu­mer­i­cal analogies too significant not to be made a reason for acquiring im­por­tant con­cepts hitherto neglected, which suggested the hypothesis that the squaring of the circle was not possible precisely because it was conceived and re­searched until to date; so much so as to make plausible a methodological re­vi­sion based on overcoming the partially recognized, but not yet overcome, inhomogeneities.
Maybe it had to be this special integrally geometric figure to provide us the most direct and effective key. After all, instinct always precedes reason, fol­lowed in turn by demonstration.

At first, aware of moving on land burned by centuries of dooms to the stake, now stigmatized by the concept of area, I raised the idea that the right di­rec­tion of research was not so much that of squaring the area of the circle, but to rec­ti­fy its cir­cum­fer­ence, inspired by the fact that geometry does not trace areas but pe­rim­e­ters; and I would soon find confirmation.

In order to penetrate the depth of the composition of said triangle, we will make an initial circle the heart of a process that will see three other cir­cum­fer­ences de­vel­op con­cen­tri­cal­ly with diameters in a ratio of Φ to each other.
At the end of the run, we will make out how this was already a sufficient key.

We will use instrumentally the square, the casket of the two jewels of math­e­mat­ics [Kepler docet], from the Pythagorean theorem to the Golden Section to which, as I have been predicting for years, I will add the third one, strong of an un­sus­pect­ed value.