What cannot be drawn from theory
this can be learned from practical reality,
sometimes an offer you can't refuse.

November 9, 2023
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Historical circumstances of enormous gravity bring my at­ten­tion back to this paragraph, after having read the As­tro­Time charts which allow me to monitor daily astrological conditions, not only in terms of earthquakes, of which I left a last sporadic notice just Last September 28, with the usual outcome…
In fact, I would have had valid reasons to release many others, but for some time now I have preferred to deal with geometric discoveries. Nonetheless, the recent extreme war conflicts be­tween Hamas and Israel 'was what it took' to exalt the va­lid­i­ty of that astrological statement and the re­lat­ed pre­dic­tion, pre­cise­ly through a significant comparison be­tween orbital themes, which deserves to be brought to the attention of those who be­lieve as well as those who does not believe in as­trol­o­gy.
The knowledge of the Quintiles was primarily formulated in 1992 at the birth of my first and exclusive Astrological Per­son­al­ized Agenda, thence in 1995 in one e-book (ISBN 978­-88­-904390-3-2), uploaded in 2009 at bookstore Lulu.com (even if it seems to have been lost, but it is available for free at https://www.astrotime.org).
The recurrence of the Quintiles, although endowed with great­er frequency inside the circle (5 vs. 4 vs. 3), does not seem to be understood by that chain of authors who observe the ex­is­ten­tial apparatus as if it should be animated just by fa­vor­a­ble or evil aspects, the only objects of a dualist mentality and there­fore easier to distinguish.
Not knowing almost anything about and not being aware of how to classify it, to compensate for the ob­vi­ous analytical inadequacy, they still consider them to be of a lower lev­el, up to the grotesque state­ment that the Bi­quin­tile is very rare, al­though the op­po­site is math­e­mat­i­cal­ly true.
A lack of respect for nature itself, to which the golden spiral with 90° rec­tan­gu­lar modules is blindly and forcibly attributed – even when it doesn't match at all – while my re­cent studies on the golden spirals, as well as the im­por­tance that emerges in various parts of my deepening in the essential ge­om­e­try, increasingly attest the valence of module 5 (144°) and of the met­a­phys­i­cal relations between pentagon and square.
If they were not enough, this article should present contents capable of doing justice on their own; not without keeping in mind that it is much easier to churn out attributes than predictions: but only for the first ones it is enough that eve­ry­one agrees…

The astrological chart to the right outlines the geocentric orbital setting be­tween the planets on August 20, 2010, which would have accompanied the happy event I predicted about 10 days earlier. My email, also visible here, in ad­di­tion to the PDF, introduces it with various details that I will not repeat, instead trying to highlight its relationship-comparison with the current one.
The modality that unites them is clear­ly a dou­ble op­po­si­tion that gen­er­ates a X, be­tween the two pairs of parts: Sun-Nep­tune and Sat­urn- Ju­pi­ter in the first case, Sun-Ju­pi­ter and Ve­nus-Nep­tune in the se­cond case: a com­bi­na­tion which, al­though the prem­ise of the his­tor­i­cal fate of the e­vent, I will not ex­am­ine in this area not per­tain­ing to as­trol­o­gy, but in which I aim to dem­on­strate the as­so­nance of e­vents with astronomical geometry.
What matters is to realize that they re­pres­ent the radical expression of an al­most sec­u­lar conflict (if not more) between Jerusalem and Palestine, Israel and Hamas.

What contributes to the peaceful res­o­lu­tion in the first case – right that day when the pace of the Sun marked the birthday of the negotiator, in the person of the former Senator George Mitchell (for six years "the most respected mem­ber") – at least to a crucial accommodation – in spite of the scarce gen­er­al astrological cognition, it is exactly the conformation of two Biquintiles [144°], Sun­-Ju­pi­ter (the same planets that will be in opposition to 180° in the destructive event!) and Saturn-Neptune where Sun and Saturn are at the same time strengthened by a Semiquintile (36°), another aspect favorable to the agreement, especially in combination and synergy with the a­fore­men­tioned, which does not appear on the side of Jupiter and Neptune only due to the lower tolerance of the same in setting the scheme (orbital angular distance less than 1°), and yet maintains a clear rectangular proportion.
Giovedì 2 Novembre 2023 – 2:25pm
Friday 3, November 2023 – 2:21pm
Sabato 4 Novembre 2023 – 2:17pm
What instead contributes to violent ag­gres­sion in the se­cond case – while main­tain­ing a slight­ly widened X pat­tern – it is the pro­gres­sive­ly ac­cen­tu­at­ed for­ma­tion of two par­al­lel Ses­qui­quad­rates [135°]: Sun-Nep­tune and Ve­nus-Ju­pi­ter, in­clud­ing Nep­tune and Ju­pi­ter con­nect­ed by the Semiquadrate [45°] so that to strength­en the com­par­i­son, the two rec­tan­gu­lar con­fig­u­ra­tions have in com­mon three plan­ets out of four.
It is very unlikely that the ‘chance’ can be invoked here.
However if someone was con­vinced of it despite this exposure, well, I re­al­ly think that this article, or this page, is not for him or her.
Indeed, it should be noted that while the first event requires and is ac­com­pa­nied by con­com­i­tant an­gu­lar re­la­tions of con­sid­er­a­ble pre­ci­sion, since it will be re­solved in a few hours if not at a pre­cise mo­ment (and such as to take me back to certain en-plein ex­pe­ri­enced with the Rou­lette in the past), the se­cond takes place over a pe­ri­od of at least three days, dur­ing which the two Ses­qui­quad­rates [135°] are des­tined to am­pli­fy to their max­i­mum pow­er: Sun-Nep­tune on day 2 and Ve­nus-Ju­pi­ter on day 4, fu­el­ing a war that cer­tain­ly does not conclude in a sin­gle action.
The smaller orbital ratios of less tol­er­ance will actually last more than three days, accentuating up to day 8 and 9 the two Semisquares [45°] on the narrow sides of the X, even if here as in the first case, we see only one keep­ing constant and increasing efficiency. In itself, therefore, a truly hopeless en­er­gy condition in its persistence.
In addition to the synthetic description of the aspects that can be reached with the link above, a fitting relevance of the dynamic expressions of square and pentagon was treated – before this insert – in my relational geometric a­nal­y­sis.
At the same time, other harmful angular ratios also alternate, which do not emerge in the three chosen moments, given the average tolerance adopted in accuracy, which could be wider and more exhaustive.
Just observe Mercury-Uranus, bearers of a fulminating technology, which cross their opposition to that of Sun-Jupiter in an increasingly decisive way; but it little adds to the eloquent purpose of this presentation.
We cannot fail to take note, while leaving aside astrological comments, of the position of the Sun in the two cases: Leo the first, seat of solar and positive affirmation par excellence, Scorpio the second, nocturnal and mortal, domicile of Mars and - in negative - reign of destruction.
A very curious side that I notice only when the work is completed, is that the examination of the current configurations, browsed on my per­son­al­ized As­tro­Time agenda, therefore calculated every day with the ascendant at 329° oriented to 9 o'clock as usual, reports the current scheme with an angle al­most su­per­im­posable to that of 2010, calculated apart from others at the time of the event.
Otherwise, the importance of this historic connection, worthy of the annals of astrological research, could have escaped me.
That even if it had not been the subject of my formal and propositive pre­dic­tion, in an era in which the pentagonal aspects were not enough (or almost not at all) known to practitioners, an analysis of it in later time would not have subtracted anything from its value, since it itself could have con­ducted years before or after events without any predictive difference.

Precisely in order to highlight the extraordinary nature of the case as it de­serves, I wanted to dedicate an additional challenge to the more experts, which would crown this comparison like a cherry on the cake.
If we consider the Moon as the carrier of the trigger or presence on the earth­ly plane of a specific event or planetary configuration, like the second hand of the nearest cosmic clock (read: solar system), the Ascendant is its detonator.

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abandon or click out to normalize.

Well, referring to the astrological chart of the 1st event that occurred, I chose the day 3 Nov. '23 (central to the triple sequence compared immediately be­low) to calculate the astral chart on Tel Aviv, at the moment in which the Moon transited the Ascendant which was approximately halfway through Cancer on 20 August 2010, connected by validi Aspects to at least five critical parts of the chart.
It may just be a curious fact, but the internal orientation of the Aspects scheme makes it almost comparable to that of 2010, or rather it incorporates it at the top, with the clockwise rotation and the shift of the planets Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune upwards by about one zodiacal sign, almost as if to reactivate their positions of 2010, although under very different angular perspectives, while Venus below occupies the position that the Sun had in the diagram, and the Sun is on the other vertex which, being that of a semi-square section of 45°, wider than the 36° of the semiquintile, it corresponds to that of Venus in the 1st chart (Mars was already then in bad aspect with Neptune).
And it is precisely in this moment that the most total symmetrical cor­re­spond­ence of the strength-intensity of the 6 Aspects in rectangular formation oc­curs.
This focus, if it clearly highlights the two planetary dynamics, is but one facet of an undeniable force, of the complexity of the celestial components in those situations, since by following their geometric development from hour to hour, we would witness to shocking alternating dizzying scenarios, which I won't even try to summarize, but which would only underline the horror of what is happening.

Everything that has a start has an end
I had written 'when the work is completed', but I have to change my mind.
In the drafting and translation of this article and relative web re-adaptation twelve days passed, during which I scored the news with detachment without further checks, remaining focused on the consistency of what I exposed to here.
Tuesday November 21 – 13:10pm
On day 21, when the new pages were fi­nal­ly up­loaded on­line, I fo­cused more on the mat­u­ra­tion of a peace­ful res­o­lu­tion; and here's what I saw: Mars and the Sun, which in the scorch­ing days were in re­spec­tive and strengthened op­po­si­tion to U­ra­nus and Ju­pi­ter, have now joined, and not only ac­corded to a beau­ti­ful Sex­tile(60°) to Plu­to, noc­tur­nal mas­ter of the Scor­pio that hosts them (Mars is diurnal), but also in the now well­-known Biquintile(144°) with the Lunar Node (key or constant update like the needle of a compass of direction, or the o­ri­en­ta­tion, of our path of growth, of social implications and choices).
At the same time Venus abandoned the SesquiSquare to Jupiter and the opposition to Neptune to form a Biquintile with that Uranus no longer opposite to Mars. New lines of understanding, whose parallelism is not as much sym­met­ri­cal as in the first theme of 2010, but which, despite the Se­mi­Square(45°) Venus-Sun which maintains a certain tension, do not activate more op­po­sitions.
A subtle logic pervades this scheme, which also applies to those who do not accept symbolism, which is also the vehicle of language and the transmission of concepts.
Thursday 16 November – 13:30pm
A logic that almost forced me to look back, to verify other po­ten­tial var­i­a­tions, and here is the near per­fec­tion, em­broidered from the same in­gre­di­ents, like play­ers ex­chang­ing roles at a round ta­ble. Four new pos­i­tive as­pects (green): two of Quin­cunx(150°), a­gain par­al­lel as were the Bi­quintiles of 2010, af­fect­ing Ve­nus-Ju­pi­ter and Mars-Sun-Nep­tune, all in brighter red on No­vem­ber 4th, as­sisted by a Sex­tile(60°) Ve­nus-Mer­cu­ry, the lat­ter at a­round 150° from U­ra­nus, fa­cil­i­tat­ing the great­er a­gree­ment be­tween Ve­nus and Ju­pi­ter by giv­ing rise to a triangulation that perhaps introduces Qatar mediation.
In fact, it is worth noting that the four aspects derive from the modular sub­di­vi­sion of the circle based on the triangle, emblem of synthesis, conciliation and success. Probably the insidious Semisquare (45°) between Venus-Sun + Mars, more marked than it will be on November 21st, affects the negotiations, but cannot prevent them; nor can faint red strokes that are still in progress. Indeed:
Thursday 23 November – 13:02pm
Quintile(72°) and Biquintile once again dominate the scene, at the ratification of the truce and release of the first hostages. An asymmetric release, as stated in their orbital logic of Nov. 23, (min. 72°, tot. 144°), which involves the exchange of three to one, initially 13 against 39, proposed on the 23rd for enlargement to 100-300; Note that the two chords of arc that subtend them are in a golden ratio to each other, being attributable to the side of the convex pentagon and the concave or starry one, i.e. to the two sides of the classical golden triangle.
However, not without a renewed threat: for the Mars-Sun conjunction in Square against Saturn, which remains stable more or less from 22 to 28 No­vem­ber.
I could certainly go further, following the fate of this historic affair which has every appearance of continuing with new implications and complications; but as stated, this is not a place for astrological analysis, but rather what seems to me to be striking proof of the presence of such 'occult' or, if you prefer, vi­bra­tion­al geometry in the events that mark the unfolding of life on the planet.

This excursus, of which we do not know the conclusion – even if for now it has passed the bloodiest phase, after which days of negotiations are spent on a few dozen hostages, against a background of many thousands of civilians killed – suggests to me, however, to make available to those who want to follow it (also as proof of the technical objectivity of the diagrams exposed) the entire PDF, processed for me on September 26, 2023, a date certified by Acrobat Distiller®, day by day for the duration of one year. It's a 17Mb file, but every single day can be accessed (according to your browser settings) with the link:
where 64 points to the date on which I write, November 27, 2023, and with copy-paste can be replaced in progression up to number 368.
Each page consists of two parts: the left contains data about personal transits, and it doesn't matter. The right depicts the astrological chart of the day, cal­cu­lat­ed in Italy for the time in which the Ascendant corresponds to that of the subject; Therefore, the orientation remains constant, as does the choice of pa­ram­e­ters for validating the angular ratios between the various planetary or­bits, responding to the most reliable proportional parametric formulas, ex­plained in my a­fore­men­tioned 1992 treatise. Just to leave no doubt about the reading, the thicknesses of the lines, in addition to the ±precision-intensity of the appearance, denote the differences in power between one planet and another, based on the logarithm of the average orbital revolution period, as well as referring to the current motion, direct or retrograde.
Below it are some indications that are not of interest to this study, other than the date and the progressive number of the day of the year.
At the top right for experts the Sidereal Time of the chart.

In June 1985, already a computer professional, I participated in a 2-week seminar, sponsored by NATO ADVANCED STUDY INSTITUTE on Artificial Intelligence and the DSS. In adhering to an application form received from Purdue University (IL - USA), which contacted me following I do not know what report, I expressly motivated this adhesion with the item "astrological research". It did not surprise me that during meals I was asked if I was "superstitious", but I couldn't reply that in my opinion su­per­sti­tious was who asked me.

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