2x2 = 3.14


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Myth and Heresy

SQUARING THE CIRCLE USING ONLY A COM­PASS AND A STRAIGHT­EDGE not only is it not im­pos­si­ble, but it is a process inherent in the same 'fig­ur­a­tive' geometry in a natural way, since the π it is the cornerstone of the laws of harmony and balance that reg­u­late it.
It was just a matter of discovering the key.

In spite of what F. Lin­demann ex­hibited a­bout the un­solv­ability of the prob­lem, his suc­cess was and still is due sole­ly to the fact that the cur­rent cal­cu­la­tion of π it has al­ways been en­trusted to het­er­o­ge­ne­ous cri­te­ria to the laws ­/ na­ture of the cir­cle.

The in­sti­tut­ed π de­rives in fact in the most ad­vanced of cas­es, from re­con­di­tioning the cir­cle to a pol­y­gon, di­lat­ing with­in the cir­cum­fer­ence pro­gres­sive po­lyg­o­nal ac­cen­tu­a­tions, se­quenced by for­mu­las that do not make it ge­o­met­ri­cal­ly de­duc­i­ble.
Put sim­ply, the sup­posed tran­scend­ence of the π it is due to the way in which it was for­mu­lat­ed, not to its al­ge­bra­ic pa­ram­e­ter which has al­ways been ac­ces­si­ble, even if nev­er ac­quired up to now.


If the π has far ex­ceeded the boast of ce­leb­ri­ty, this is not so much due to its un­dis­put­ed sci­en­tif­ic pri­or­i­ty, much less to be­ing prov­en to be per­fect, as to the fact that it still con­sti­tutes the great­est chal­lenge, i­de­al­ly un­re­solved but there­fore elected as a ban­ner that flaunts end­less dec­i­mals quite use­less for the sole pur­pose, more or less con­scious, of con­cealing the in­ev­i­ta­ble com­pro­mise.
The Golden Section Φ in fact it deserves just as much, and instead it is everywhere reduced to a pseudo spiral, even surpassed, often sub­sumed into the anomalous Fibonacci sequence born two thousand years later in a fair tournament.

This work of mine will illustrate the foundations of these statements, which only require common sense, introducing the radical and de­fin­i­tive so­lu­tion of the enigma π, attributable – much more than to for­mu­las and in­fi­nite cal­cu­la­tions that have been wasted for cen­tu­ries in de­bates and ne­ga­tory dem­on­stra­tions – to the golden properties of that extraordinary triangle, yes! a triangle to begin with, analyzed and described in my previous pres­en­ta­tion of the "The unknown Great Golden Triangle and the Great Pyr­a­mid of Giza", which dates back to 2003 to one of my publications [ISBN 978-­88-­904390­-5-6].
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The reflections that follow, precisely as they result from a more care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion gained with the study that I present, will be able to play a useful introductory function, by virtue of a more literary and descriptive than math­e­mat­i­cal character.
The proposed study is in fact the result of reflection, much more than cal­cu­la­tions which nature seems to have bestowed without any effort.
It will be up to the reader's judgment to determine which has prec­e­dence and great­er importance.

Beyond the mere geometric assumption, necessarily limited because of human and instrumental conception, if the square with the four di­rec­tions it presents can be considered an emblem of space, matter and static mass, the circle leads back to energy, to the wave vibration or sound, to time, which takes place and develops through its four phases cyclical.

The square needs all its extremes, or a cross as by the four cardinal points, which virtually defines it.
Creating a circle is far more simple: just dropping a drop, its center, on a still water surface, to see not just one circle, but one sequence of rapidly expanding rings with gradually increasing diameters.

Even if the photographic snapshots only capture a moment of the wave impulses that alternate from the center, it is not difficult to re­late their dynamics to recurring patterns, which naturally depend on the weight, am­pli­tude and correspondence of the liquid [veil] and other factors, but always giving rise and form to distinct concentric fields, of in­creas­ing pro­por­tions, until they get lost in single waves side by side with the ex­haus­tion of the initial thrust.
Just search for “drop of water image” on the net to compare them in quantity.
The circle expresses at the same time equidistance from a source [con­trac­tion] and isometric continuity [expansion].
Its potential, which can virtually be contained even in the center a­lone, manifests itself on an undulating level, to be translated into ac­tion with­in the framework of its phases.
The geometry of the square 'crystallizes' its continuous cir­cu­lar al­ter­na­tion, pro­ject­ing it into distinct and separable areas and di­rec­tions.
These are short 'literary' notes that we would like to consider ab­stract, but not ab­struse, intended to stimulate attention on the nature and po­ten­tial mean­ing of the circle, as a latent expression on which it de­serves to meditate, in order to better assimilate its essence and root deep and func­tion­al, which can undoubtedly be defined as tran­scen­dent.

The or­i­gin [cen­ter] and the man­i­fest wrap­ping of the whole [cir­cum­fer­ence], can be clear­ly rec­og­nized first of all in the more com­plex and rep­re­sent­a­tive ge­o­met­ric sys­tem of world es­o­ter­ic sym­bol­ism (hand­ed down as Śrī Chak­ra yantra, whose com­plete con­struc­tion I have solved years ago with ab­so­lute ac­cu­ra­cy for the first time in our his­to­ry), since it leads back to a cos­mic con­struct u­ni­ver­sal­ly rec­og­nized as such.

Its planimetry extends with surprising features on the series of 8 con­cen­tric cir­cles, whose diameters are in golden ratio progression between them.

A schematic view refers to
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The same ones ob­served in this fig­ure, ap­plied to the big mas­ter tri­an­gle of the man­da­la, cor­re­spond­ing to the sec­tion pro­file of the great pyr­a­mid of Giza, ac­cord­ing to an ordered ver­ti­cal pro­jec­tion that I pub­lished in the said 2003, al­low­ing us to hy­poth­e­size a se­quence of vi­bra­tory fields with pre­cise res­o­nance with­in the struc­ture; some­thing that a­bout sev­en years lat­er seems to have found out a con­fir­ma­tion at least from a spec­tral a­nal­y­sis, thanks to the in­stal­la­tion of sci­en­tif­ic in­stru­ments (muon de­tec­tors).

Aside from being the basis of every orbital relationship, from a­tom­ic to as­tro­phys­ics, the most mys­te­ri­ous mode of af­fir­ma­tion of the cir­cle is un­doubt­ed­ly the spi­ral, a bi­di­rec­tion­al sym­bi­o­sis of the two val­ues of cen­ter and pe­riph­ery, or­i­gin and des­ti­ny, which con­nects the in­fin­i­tes­i­mal to infinity.

We will find these first ingredients as necessary if not suf­fi­cient for the nat­u­ral res­o­lu­tion of the squar­ing of the cir­cle, pre­sented in this work, which shows the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion and gen­e­sis of the π, the only true un­known and key to the mil­len­ni­al enigma.

2x2 = 3.14


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in a circle of diameter 1, π is the Root Square[d of its golden section
by centuries-old convention multiplied ×4 = 3,144605511029693144

Nonetheless, a further, singular to say the least analysis was de­vel­oped as an ap­pen­dix at As­troTime. Not only the Birth­day-Chart of the tra­di­tion­al pi day is be­ing built – cel­e­brat­ed since 1988 as ' the In­ter­na­tion­al Day of Math­e­mat­ics' – with an a­maz­ing as­tro­log­i­cal dis­cov­ery, but even the ge­net­ic struc­ture of the fa­mous and un­known con­stant π is re­solved, which de­spite the most ka­lei­do­scop­ic tar­get prac­tice im­ag­i­na­ble, con­tin­ues to gov­ern the phys­i­cal world and not only.


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