Even if it would be pointed out that the same myriad of progressive reductions of inscribed and circumscribed polygons to reach the limit – set aside the math­e­mat­i­cal fantasy of the infinite number of any unit – can already be feasible with current computer tools, alike a manual execution, a measurement that had to be discretized by multiplying the sides of polygons mapped on the circumference but without curves, is in any case an artifice articulated on the graphics, which if it can virtually approach a static circular evaluation, could nev­er simulate the proper and priority essence of the circle, since it is clear that in no case would it give place and function to the relations described, as well as to undulating and orbital developments.

It must therefore become aware that the π created and refined to date is born from this; and what if the π were at its root the result of an algebraic equation?
not to say a simple notation! won't you like 4Φ?

The real challenge, which cannot be overcome, is that one can never prove any­thing about the veracity of the π, without knowing the π same! this brings us back to the ethical level.